Space Glass: Ballantine’s Develops Whiskey Glass for Outer Space

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Space Glass

Scientists are working on surmounting many of the challenges facing humans in outer space, but one activity has (presumably) skimmed under the radar when it comes to astronaut activity: Drinking whiskey. Luckily, whiskey brand Ballantine’s has collaborated with the Open Space Agency to develop a whiskey glass engineered for use in zero-gravity environments – the Space Glass.

The Space Glass utilizes a rose gold base plate for increased surface tension and thermoplastic construction with a specially designed spiral channel through which the whiskey can flow into the drinker’s mouth. Before it gets there, it travels through a cold-touch mouth clip that eliminates the sensation of sucking whiskey through a straw – as unacceptable in outer space as it is here on Earth.

You probably won’t get a chance to use the Space Glass for a few years at least – unless you already are an astronaut. Either way, you can head over to Ballantine’s post about the glass and its engineering at Medium right here.