Asus VivoStick: A Windows 10 Computer That Fits in Your Pocket

by: Joseph On  Thursday, September 3, 2015

Asus VivoStick

The age of the pocket PC is really coming, thanks to products like the Asus VivoStick. It’s a regular-sized USB stick that happens to contain within it a Windows 10 computer – you just plug it into a TV or monitor, add a keyboard and/or mouse, and look at you! Computing like a fiend.

The Asus VivoStick boasts 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage capacity, two separate USB ports, and even a headphone jack. It’s also engineered for users on a budget, and its Intel Cherry Trail processor ensures it won’t bust the bank (or perform as well as a higher-end computer that, to be fair, would only fit in your pocket if you have unusually large pockets).

More precisely, the Asus VivoStick will cost you a cool $129 once it finally comes out, but the rub is that Asus hasn’t released that information as of yet. If you’re eager for more info, you can stay parked at the official Asus site right here, where you can also check out a bunch of their other products now available.