Nike Therma-Sphere Max (Video)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Nike Therma-Sphere Max

It’s September, which means it’s time for us all to start getting ready for colder weather. For most of us, that means dragging the comforter out of the closet, but for those of us with some serious athletic training in mind, there’s the new Nike Therma-Sphere Max line, recently unveiled by the company.

All the pieces in the inaugural Nike Therma-Sphere Max collection, which for now includes training jackets and pants, are made from a composite material with three layers that keep the wearer warm and dry. This lightweight yet warm material eliminates a lot of the pitfalls associated with outdoor training in cold weather, including wearing too many layers and simply freezing half to death.

To introduce and promote the new Nike Therma-Sphere Max line, Nike enlisted the NFL’s Victor Cruz, who you can see showing off the collection in the video below. And to shop the collection, just head over to the official Nike online store right here.

Here’s the video: