Rage Room: Let Out Your Insanity Inside a Controlled Environment (Video)

by: Joseph On  Sunday, August 30, 2015

Rage Room

Look, life is stressful. Sometimes it’s so stressful that you just … want … to hit something. But what can you hit? Most of us are surrounded by fragile electronic equipment 24 hours a day, and as satisfying as it might temporarily feel to just take your phone in your hands and crack it in two, the hassle of having to get a new one will just create more stress. Clearly, the solution is the Rage Room, a new feature of Toronto’s Battle Sports complex.

Here’s how it works: Participants enter the Rage Room armed with a baseball bat (and some protective gear), and start going to town on a smorgasbord of nicely breakable items, including chairs, plates, and more. Or, if you don’t feel like plunking down money for a la carte rage objects, you can also concentrate on the block of indestructible “mystery material” that’s included with the price of a half-hour room rental.

That would be $20, but if you’re just feeling a little on edge you might just want to take a look at the Rage Room in action below. For more info, head over to Battle Sports’ official site here.

Here’s the video: