YouTube Gaming: Video Site Launches Video Game Streaming Arm

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, August 26, 2015

YouTube Gaming

There’s a hugely popular and lucrative subculture out there devoted to the live streaming and commentary of video games, and YouTube has finally gotten serious about getting in on the action. And so we have the launch of YouTube Gaming, YouTube’s attempt to compete with services like Twitch.

In addition to live streaming, YouTube Gaming is also taking full advantage of the legendary YouTube video library, with archived gameplay videos making up part of the service’s 25,000+ pages for individual video games. And in addition to the desktop version, there are also mobile variants for iOS and Android.

If you’re interested enough in video games to want to watch other people play them, YouTube Gaming is a goldmine, so take a look at the new service right here, where there’s enough content to fill out the rest of your work day. Maybe you should go ahead and apologize to your boss now.