‘Dismaland’ Trailer From Banksy Drops (Video)

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, August 25, 2015
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Dismaland Trailer

Last week rumors of Banksy’s Dismaland exhibit kicked into high gear, and now the “bemusement park” taking satirical aim at Disney World and other theme parks of its type is evidently a real place you can actually visit. To advertise, Banksy released a Dismaland trailer that would seem to sum up what the project is all about.

The Dismaland trailer takes the form of a commercial for a vacation to an amusement park, targeted towards a typical American family. But as is befitting the project, the commercial is aiming for creepy and disturbing rather than fun and encouraging. Still, it’s hard not to wish you could at least take a look at the park up-close.

Even if that’s not possible, you can still take a look at Banksy’s Dismaland trailer below. And for more, including to plan a visit, head over to the official Dismaland site right here.

Here’s the trailer: