O.C. Goodwill Boutique: Secondhand Clothing Store Introduces Upscale Stores

by: Joseph On  Monday, August 24, 2015

O.C. Goodwill Boutique

The last thing most people visualize when they hear the word “trendy” is a Goodwill store, with the company’s focus on secondhand clothing and serving the community, but they’ve recently unveiled a new arm to their business that might change that – the O.C. Goodwill Boutique.

O.C. Goodwill Boutique locations are popping up in wealthier areas all around the country, with 60 open for business right now. They’re similar to typical Goodwill stores but with a much snazzier presentation that obviously takes its cues from stores like Abercrombie & Fitch. The stores also cater to those who are more budget-conscious but also fashion-conscious as well – upscale designer Mark Pomerantz is one person who encourages his customers, famous athletes and celebrities among them – to donate their old outfits to the store.

You can read a lot more about the O.C. Goodwill Boutique and some of the difficulties (like zoning laws) the company faces in rolling out this new brand extension at the Los Angeles Times website right here. And keep your eyes peeled for one to open up near you – or within a 20-minute drive or so, at least.