VHS Camcorder App: Make 2015 Look Like the Golden Age of Video

by: Joseph On  Sunday, August 23, 2015
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VHS Camcorder

I imagine if you were somehow able to go back in time and show a citizen of 1985 the world we now live in, one of the things they might be struck by the most is how clean and sharp consumer-level video is nowadays. This hypothetical time-traveler might also be amused to learn that we now use technology to try to replicate the shoddy-yet-unmistakable look of a low-end VHS Camcorder, as the app of the same name does.

The VHS Camcorder app captures almost exactly the fuzzy visual style of a VHS tape, perhaps one that’s been sitting out in the sun for a few days. It even lets you add and modify a camcorder-style time-and-date stamp to the video, for when your prankish spirit just can’t be fulfilled by a video everyone knows you shot yesterday.

VHS Camcorder is also a lot cheaper than the real thing ever was, priced at $4 from the App Store. You can get some more information on the app at its official site right here.