Symbol Dovetail Record Crate

by: Joseph On  Thursday, August 20, 2015

Symbol Dovetail Record Crate

RECORD STORAGE! Collecting records is awesome, but the question of storage is a serious one – you obviously don’t want to just stack them up on a table like some animal in a cave. Luckily, one simple, some would say classic, solution is here in the form of the Symbol Dovetail Record Crate.

The Symbol Dovetail Record Crate is shaped a lot like the standard cardboard box one might keep their records in, but it’s “handcrafted from 5/8 thick locally sourced solid Walnut or White Oak,” with special leather handles to make moving them a little easier should you ever be in the unfortunate position of (God forbid) having to move your record collection.

Each Symbol Dovetail Record Crate, which can hold up to 100 LPs, will set you back $225 at the official Symbol Audio online store here. That’s pretty expensive, so maybe you could sell your records to come up with the cash.