ThothX Tower: Elevator (Almost) to Space Patented by Thoth Technology

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, August 19, 2015

ThothX Tower

I’ve been reading about various theoretical “space elevators” for years, always wondering if maybe one of them could become a reality. Of course, just because one’s been patented, in no way does that mean it will ever actually be built, but it’s still pretty cool to find out that Thoth Technology has developed their own space elevator, the ThothX Tower.

The patent for the ThothX Tower outlines an inflatable over 12 miles high that could carry travelers up into the stratosphere – so, it’s not literally an “elevator to space,” but if it were actually built it would take passengers a lot closer to space than any elevators we’ve got now. And there could be additional applications for a strato-vator that we haven’t even considered yet.

The ThothX Tower is years away from construction, if indeed it ever actually gets built (which is certainly a big “if”), but you can read more about it over at The Guardian right here.