Surf N’ Shack Burger Coming to New England Shake Shacks

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Surf N' Shack

I’ve got some good news and bad news. The good news is that Shake Shack has unveiled their latest masterpiece, a cheeseburger answer to surf ‘n’ turf called the Surf N’ Shack, with real buttered lobster on top of the usual beef. Now for the bad news: It’s only going to be available in Boston and Connecticut-area Shake Shacks.

More specifically, as per the Shake Shack press release:

The Surf N’ Shack will be available at our New Haven, Westport, Newbury Street, Dedham, Harvard Square, and Chestnut Hill Shacks only. Please note that from 8/17-9/20, shellfish will be present at these Shacks. Although the shellfish will be processed on a separate surface, cross-contact is always possible.

If you’re reading this in the Boston or Connecticut areas, great, you can enjoy a Surf N’ Shack for a limited time only, between August 17th and September 20th. If you’re not, a burger pilgrimage might be in order – or you could try to make one for yourself, which might be a little bit cheaper than a plane ticket, given how expensive lobster can be.

You can read Shake Shack’s full Surf N’ Shack press release at the chain’s official site here.