The President’s Summer Playlist(s): President Obama Drops 2 Spotify Playlists

by: Joseph On  Monday, August 17, 2015

The President's Summer Playlist

In addition to his many other milestones, President Barack Obama recently became the first president in US history to drop a Spotify playlist – and, naturally, he did two instead of just one. They’re both titled The President’s Summer Playlist, one for “Day” and one for “Night,” since you know that even in the Oval Office the vibes can change once it gets dark.

The President’s Summer Playlist: Day is focused on good time tunes from artists like Sly & The Family Stone and Stevie Wonder (plus some more eclectic choices), but now without a little bit of edge too, like “So Much Trouble In The World” by Bob Marley, to cite just one example. Meanwhile, the nighttime counterpart is jazzier, more downbeat, and, yeah, a little more romantic.

Combined, both of President Obama’s summer Spotify playlists will take you to where you need to go for the rest of the summer – although I have to admit I am a bit curious whether Jay Z is upset he didn’t go with Tidal for at least one of these. You can check out Prez’s daytime summer playlist here, and the nighttime one here.