Clippa Blackfin Multitool From Monkey Business Hides in Hair

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Clippa Blackfin

In Jack Hill’s iconic blaxploitation masterpiece Coffy, the titular nurse/nocturnal avenger tucks a bunch of razor blades in her hair in preparation for a wild catfight – when her opponent tries to dig deep in her afro, she gets a couple handfuls of razor instead. I bring it up only because it’s what Monkey Business Clippa Blackfin made me think of – although hopefully it’s a lot safer to use than razor blades.

That’s because the Clippa Blackfin is a multitool designed to fit in the user’s hair. Need a screwdriver, bottle opener, nail file, or box cutter? Just reach up into your thick, luxurious locks and pull it out, like magic.

Assuming your hair’s long enough to accommodate the Clippa Blackfin, you might want to check out the product’s listing on Amazon here, where it’s currently priced at a bit under $12. If it isn’t, well, maybe you could store it in a wig or something.