Multiblade Folding Knife: “The Mother of All Swiss Army Knives”

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Multiblade Folding Knife

Here are some surprising facts for you: 1. There exists a Swiss Army knife with 100 blades and other attachments. 2. It was made over 100 years ago. 3. It doesn’t have a bottle opener. I’m referring to the Multiblade Folding Knife commissioned in 1880 for the J. S. Holler & Co. cutlery store, now on display at the Cody Firearms Museum courtesy of a loan from the Smithsonian Institution.

Even though the Multiblade Folding Knife doesn’t have a bottle opener (since bottle caps as we know them were not invented until 12 years after this knife was built), it does have almost everything else you might need, be it 1880 or 2015 – including a “functional .22-caliber five-shot pinfire revolver.” This is joined by a tuning fork, straight razor, various writing implements, and much, much more.

The Multiblade Folding Knife will be on display at the Cody Firearms Museum in Cody, Wyoming until the fall of this year, and possibly extending beyond that, but if you’re not going to be in Wyoming any time soon you can check out the item’s listing at the official Smithsonian site here.