Black+Blum Eau Good Water Bottle

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Black+Blum Eau Good Water Bottle

Water bottles are, in many ways, bad – they encourage waste and clutter of the planet, and they’re usually made out of environmentally unfriendly plastic. That might not be a big deal on an individual level, but when humans are said to throw away around 20 billion of them every year, the cumulative effect is significant. And so, we have the Black+Blum Eau Good Water BottleĀ to try and combat this scourge.

The Black+Blum Eau Good Water Bottle is also made from a kind of plastic, but since that plastic is a durable, BPA-free concoction called Tritan, you won’t be tempted to throw it away anytime soon. The bottle‘s filter gets rid of chemicals while adding flavor and nutrition enhancing minerals, as well as balancing the pH levels in your water, the end result being a better tasting water that is better for you to drink.

If you’re convinced, you can grab a Black+Blum Eau Good Water Bottle from Amazon here for $20 on the dot. Then, start guzzling.