Hackaball: A Programmable, Customizable iPad Hacky Sack (Video)

by: Joseph On  Monday, August 10, 2015
Tags:  Hackaball   Hacky Sack   Toys   Apps   Exercise   Ipad  


Part of me thinks it’s kind of sad that not even the Hacky Sack is safe from our brave new world of iPad apps and smart technology. But then there’s another part of me that thinks the Hackaball actually looks pretty cool.

Hackaball is a Hacky Sack-like ball loaded with sensors that allow it to communicate with its own proprietary iPad app. The app can then be used to create all kinds of games using the ball, which also comes equipped with speakers, lights, and a vibration pack. These upgrades on the Hacky Sack probably weren’t necessary, strictly speaking, but they might get a few kids to try out that whole physical activity thing for a while, so that’s a positive.

It’s not available for delivery just yet, but you can pre-order Hackaball for $85 at the product’s official site right here, or just take a look at it in action below.

Here’s the video: