The Golden Record: NASA Uploads Voyager ‘Sounds of Earth’ Audio to SoundCloud

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Golden Record

Back in the 1970s, NASA launched the Voyager spacecraft, and on board was a vinyl disc full of audio recordings taken on Earth – the idea being that if any extraterrestrial species found the record, they could learn about our planet by listening to it. Because of its distinctive gold coloring, it was (naturally enough) called The Golden Record, and NASA has recently uploaded the audio from it on SoundCloud.

The Golden Record, or Sounds of Earth, contains everything from a mother talking to her baby to assorted beeps and bloops, tractor sounds, laughter, and even music. And since we never heard back from any aliens who may or may not have gotten to hear it, I guess NASA decided to have the human race take a listen instead.

You can do just that by heading to NASA’s SoundCloud account here, where the entirety of The Golden Record, aka Sounds of Earth, is available for your listening pleasure. And please, enjoy your time on planet Earth.