‘LEGO Brands’: Logos Digitally Rendered in LEGO Bricks (Pics)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Two things that are extremely hot right now are LEGO and brands. Polish graphic designer Kamil Piatkowski had the thought to combine the two, using digital technology (not actual LEGO bricks, unfortunately) to render some of the most famous logos out there in LEGO for a series he calls LEGO Brands.

I’m not enough of a LEGO expert to know if the logos recreated by Piatkowski for LEGO Brands are possible with actual LEGO bricks, but I assume they would be perhaps with a little bit of paint involved. He goes from purely corporate brand logos to more artistic commercial insignias like the Batman logo, all in the signature LEGO style.

You can see a few of the best pieces from LEGO Brands in the gallery below. And to see the rest of the series, as well as a lot more of Kamil Piatkowski’s work, just take a look at the artist’s online portfolio right here.

Here’s the gallery: