Dot Braille Smart Watch

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, August 5, 2015
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Dot Braille Smart Watch

Even if your eyesight is so good that you don’t need glasses to read, you might be interested and pleased to know about the existence of the Dot Braille Smart Watch, a smartwatch specifically for the blind.

The Dot Braille Smart Watch is loaded with features that previously were only available in prohibitively expensive equipment or in the law offices of Nelson & Murdock. Obviously, it can do a lot more than just display the time in Braille, like texting, navigation, and even converting e-books into Braille.

It’s all part of an initiative to make Braille accessible to all sightless people regardless of income, and so the Dot Braille Smart Watch will cost, at most, $300 when it finally comes out. But right now it’s still in the promotional stage, with pre-orders expected to begin later this year – for more information on the smartwatch and what it can do, check out Dot’s official site here.