Guy Spends Last Office Days After Layoff Dunking on Fisher-Price Basket (Video)

by: Joseph On  Sunday, August 2, 2015


There are lots of tips out there about how to spend your time in the days immediately following the revelation that you’re getting laid off. Practical considerations like determining how long your finances can hold out, or preparing to enter into the job search, are big ones, as well as taking time to appreciate your non-job-related aspects of your life, like family, friends, passions, etc. Or you can do what this guy did, making dunk after dunk after dunk on a toy Fisher-Price hoop, uploading the results on YouTube under the short-yet-sweet title Dunks.

Dunks was made possible by a confluence of circumstances, beginning with uploader “Jake H” getting laid off, then left to his own devices in an office equipped with a Fisher-Price hoop for several days. Then, the magic happened.

You can watch Jake H’s increasingly elaborate series of Fisher-Price dunks in the video below, which ends on an infectiously cathartic note that I wouldn’t dream of spoiling. So far, his only YouTube video is this one, but you might want to stay tuned to his YouTube channel here to see how he’s handling his newly unemployed status.