Ludacris Gives Nice Kicks a “Sneak Peek” at His Sneaker Collection (Video)

by: Joseph On  Friday, July 31, 2015

Ludacris Sneak Peek

Sneakerheads love it when a famous individual reveals their own sneaker-obsessive tendencies, whether it’s because it is nice to see that the rich and famous can be as obsessive as regular people can or to tear apart the celebrities’ sneaker collections as inferior to their own. Rapper and actor Ludacris recently gave fans the chance to do both with a “Sneak Peak” of his sneaker closet, courtesy of sneaker site Nice Kicks.

The interesting thing is that Ludacris’ sneaker collection isn’t as flashy as you might expect from a multimillionaire actor and recording artist. He focuses the “Sneak Peak” on sneakers he thinks other collectors are less likely to have, so it’s a somewhat off-the-beaten path lineup of shoes (and no Yeezys!).

You can take a look at Ludacris’ sneaker closet “Sneak Peak” for yourself below. And for more sneaker content from Nice Kicks, just head over to their website right here.

Here’s the video: