‘First Person Super Smash Bros.’ by SoKrispyMedia (Video)

by: Joseph On  Thursday, July 30, 2015

First Person Super Smash Bros

Video games, even more so than other forms of media, are all about perspective. So if you take a popular video game, like, say, Super Smash Bros., and switch the perspective on it, it’s going to make a pretty fun couple of minutes – even if you only get to watch instead of play. That’s the trick behind First Person Super Smash Bros. by SoKrispyMedia.

The First Person Super Smash Bros. video shows two Nintendo and Smash Bros. stalwarts, Mario and Link, going at it in some kind of abandoned structure from the former’s point of view. It’s pretty cool stuff, and it might prove to be prescient given the direction video games (and technology in general) would seem to be heading at present.

Anyway, you can watch First Person Super Smash Bros. for yourself below. And for more from SoKrispyMedia, head over to their official YouTube Channel here.

Here’s the video: