Son of a Tailor: Brand Lets You Design Your Own Custom T-Shirts

by: Joseph On  Friday, July 24, 2015

Son of a Tailor

A new Danish brand is letting customers do something so simple, it’s kind of weird it’s not a widespread practice. It’s Son of a Tailor, and despite the name that makes it sound like a 1940s Hollywood minced oath, it’s a brand that allows you to design your own custom t-shirts.

Users begin their Son of a Tailor experience by logging onto the brand’s website, where they can give their measurements, select whatever color they want, then choose from a variety of different styles, necklines, and sleeves. Then, three weeks later, their “perfectly-sized” custom t-shirt arrives at your door, and the customer is now the owner of at least one t-shirt that actually fits properly.

If you want a t-shirt that actually fits, why waste time? Head over to the official Son of a Tailor site right here to get started.  Your new side-gig as t-shirt designer is about to begin.