Old Overholt Whiskey: Case of Prohibition-Era Whiskey (Photos)

by: Joseph On  Friday, July 24, 2015

An intact case of Prohibition-era whiskey from 1921 is something you’d normally expect to find only in a museum or some kind of liquor store of antiquity. But a user on Reddit by the name “hanshound” somehow came into possession of a case of Old Overhold Whiskey, made in 1921 and bottled in 1933 – and he’s not selling it.

God knows how much an item like a case of Old Overhold Whiskey would be worth on the collectors’ market, with its romantic Prohibition origins and the funny detail that since it was bottled when alcohol was illegal, the label makes the claim that the whiskey is strictly for medicinal purposes, the appeal here is obvious even if you’re a teetotaler.

It also means that this 1933 case of Old Overhold Whiskey would be too expensive for you anyway even if it were for sale, so why not just take a look at the gallery below and enjoy it that way? And for more of the adventures of handhound, check him out on Reddit here.

Here’s the gallery: