Latitude 12 Tablet by Dell Designed to Withstand Just About Anything

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, July 22, 2015
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Dell Latitude 12

It sometimes seem that as technology gets more and more advanced, it gets more and more fragile (we all remember the infamous bending iPhone 6‘s from a little while ago). But Dell has just unveiled a step in the opposite direction, in the form of the Latitude 12 tablet, the first in the company’s new Rugged line of products.

The Latitude 12 shrugs where other tablets go into hysterical screaming fits – bad weather, extreme heat, mud, dust, shocks, jolts, and drops are all purported to bounce off it like bullets off Superman’s chest. It’s also got an 11.6 inch screen, visible in direct sunlight, and 512GB of storage capacity.

What it doesn’t have is an affordable asking price, probably because the Latitude 12 is mostly intended for military and industrial applications for now. But you can get more information on the tablet here, where prices start at $3,649. So, it probably isn’t financially wise to throw out your weaker devices just yet – but their days seem to be numbered.