14 Armchair by Lukas Avena Includes Storage Space for Literature

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, July 22, 2015
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14 Armchair

If storage is at a premium in your living situation, you might find yourself at a loss regarding where to put books, magazines, and newspapers you’re currently in the middle of reading. Designer Lukas Avena has come up with a novel solution – the 14 armchair, which includes storage space for books.

According to Avena, the 14 armchair also eliminates the need for bookmarks, since the storage slats which you lay your books and other pieces of literature on (as seen in the photo above) mark your place. Of course, that assumes that you will only read in a single chair in your house, and never outside it, so maybe you should still keep a couple bookmarks around if you’re a reader.

You can get more information on “the armchair for people who read” over at its Behance listing here – unfortunately, the 14 armchair doesn’t appear to be available for purchase yet, but hopefully that will change sometime soon.