Nike Yeezys Imagined by Graphic Designer (Photos)

by: Joseph On  Friday, July 17, 2015

In terms of alternate history, the big “point of divergence” between our world and the one we’re about to explore is when Kanye West jumped ship at Nike and transferred his talents over to adidas. One graphic designer on Instagram has imagined what it would be like if that had never happened, and what the Nike Yeezys might look like today if Kanye were still on good terms with the Swoosh.

That Instagram user is @crep_tees_uk, who took elements of the existing Yeezy 350 and Yeezy 750 Boosts and mixed in elements from the Nike Air Huarache (plus, naturally, the Nike Air Yeezy 2) to create these new hypothetical Nike Yeezys. And they look both believable as pieces of visual sneaker fiction, and wearable as actual sneakers.

You can see if you agree by taking a look at @crep_tees_uk’s Nike Yeezys in the gallery below. But to get a pair for yourself, you’ll have to get a hold of some kind of interdimensional transport device, or maybe the I Ching for your own personal version of The Man in the High Castle, but with sneakers.

Here’s the gallery: