Grado GH1 Headphones Carved From Single Brooklyn Tree

by: Joseph On  Friday, July 17, 2015

Grado GH1 Headphones

John and Jonathan Grado of the Brooklyn consumer goods manufacturer Grado found out that a tree in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park was being torn down, so they decided to find a use for it that fit within their company’s wood-crafting MO. And so we have the Grado GH1 headphones, each one carved from the same departed Sunset Park tree.

Each pair of Grado GH1 headphones has been crafted with extreme attention to both form and function, and as a result of the whole “one tree only” thing, they’re part of an extremely limited edition (that said, you might be surprised at just how many pairs of headphones you can get from just a single tree).

As a result, it’ll cost you $650 to get a pair of Grado GH1 headphones for yourself, but even if you’re not prepared to buy, you might still want to check out these unique headphones over at the official Grado site right here.