‘The Art of Mad Max: Fury Road’ – Official Companion Book (Pics)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Summer’s not over yet, but it’s looking very much like Mad Max: Fury Road is the movie of summer 2015, which makes any official companion art books related to the movie worth checking out – especially given how visually wild the art design of that movie is. And so, we have The Art of Mad Max: Fury Road.

The Art of Mad Max: Fury Road contains within its pages a treasure trove of concept art, set photos, stills from the actual completed film, and more. There’s textual information too, including a foreword by the man who made it all possible, Mad Max auteur George Miller.

You can see a few pictures from The Art of Mad Max: Fury Road in the gallery below, but to experience the book’s full majesty you’ll have to get a copy for yourself over at Amazon here, where it’s priced at just over $30. What a lovely day!

Here’s the gallery: