Katie Rees: Besieged Beauty Pageant Contestant Busted for Meth (Photos)

by: Joseph On  Friday, July 10, 2015

Donald Trump isn’t the only beauty pageant personality who’s been getting into trouble lately. If you don’t remember the name Katie Rees, she’s the winner of 2007’s Miss Nevada title, but who got the title pulled after some photos of her acting in a non-Miss-Nevada-like fashion surfaced on the internet.  And now, she’s in trouble again, having been busted for possession of crystal meth.

Katie Rees was busted after selling meth to a “J. Peacock,” which goes to show that they don’t teach you how to sniff out red flag names during illegal drug transactions during beauty queen training. Interestingly, this isn’t Rees’ first brush against drug troubles, as shown in this clip from a 2009 Australian documentary:

It’s a sad story for Katie Rees, so in addition to her recent mug shot in the gallery below, I’m also including some photos from happier times, and you can read a little bit more about the case over at Playboy here.

Here’s the gallery: