‘Yanet Garcia in Mini Shorts’: The World’s Hottest Weather Girl Returns (Video)

by: Joseph On  Thursday, July 9, 2015

Yanet Garcia in mini shorts

It’s unlikely that you’ve forgotten about Yanet Garcia, who easily qualifies as the hottest weatherman in the world, given her competition is made up of Willard Scott, Al Roker, and so on. She’s probably also on top of the list of the world’s hottest weather girls, but I would need to do some more research on that to be certain. In any case, Garcia is setting the internet on fire once again in a clip making the rounds under the appropriate title Yanet Garcia in mini shorts.

What the title Yanet Garcia in mini shorts neglects to mention is that she’s also playing volleyball in those mini shorts, which just takes the whole thing into another stratosphere. And there are three other women in short shorts playing volleyball too – does anybody else feel a warm front coming on??

You can watch Yanet Garcia in mini shorts below. And her Instagram account, which is suspiciously low on weather reports, can be found here.

Here’s the video: