Instagram’s ValleyRec420 Practices Blunt Art (Photos)

by: Joseph On  Thursday, July 9, 2015

If someone walked up to you and said they knew a guy who could roll blunts like works of art, you probably wouldn’t take this person literally – you’d be safe in assuming they just mean the blunts are especially tight or round or sleek or whatever. But there’s a user on Instagram who takes the idea of “blunt art” to the next level – ValleyRec420, whose elaborate blunt structures might just blow your mind.

ValleyRec420 refers to his work as “creative rolling,” and it involves rolling blunts in a variety of crazy, unexpected shapes. This includes relatively simple stuff like crosses or a tomahawk, to more involved designs like helicopters and turtles.

But you really have to see (if not smoke) ValleyRec420’s work to appreciate it. You can do that by scrolling through the gallery below, or you could head over to his Instagram account here to see all the fruits of his labor.

Here’s the gallery: