Charlotte McKinney Posts Nipple Photos on Instagram

by: Joseph On  Thursday, July 9, 2015

Charlotte McKinney Posts Nipple Photos on Instagram

There’s a serious campaign going on right now for Instagram to lift its arbitrary and capricious ban on female nipples, but it’s unknown whether Charlotte McKinney was knowingly participating in that last night or if she was just feeling uninhibited when she posted a topless photo on Instagram, as well as one that was just barely in violation of Instagram’s anti-nudity policy.

Both photos appear to have been pulled from Charlotte McKinney’s Instagram account, either by the model herself or by Instagram administrators, who I think would be more likely to just delete an account outright than pull individual photos. But, this being the internet, you can still check out the uncensored topless photo right here (a censored version of the other photo can be seen at the top).

Whether or not Instagram will ever lift their female nudity discrimination is up to the future to decide, but if they ever do you’ll probably want to add Charlotte McKinney’s Instagram account (here) to the top of your list of accounts to start paying more attention to.