Sleadd Taurus Zip Line Kit by Zip Line Gear

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sleadd Taurus Zip Line Kit

Hey, zip lining! Everybody can get on board with such a universally exciting activity, and now there’s a way for people to set up their own zip lines with minimal hassle. It’s the Sleadd Taurus Zip Line Kit, and it purports to fit everything you need for a zip line into one box.

The Sleadd Taurus Zip Line Kit contains 60 feet of galvanized aircraft cable and everything you need to ride it safely and quickly to your ultimate destination. Its cable clamps can attach to trees up to three feet in width, and the handlebars and rubber grips will keep your hands from slipping off and you from plunging to your death. The kit even includes all the tools you’ll need to create your perfect zip line, so even if you own literally nothing, you can now achieve your dream of being a self-sustaining zip liner.

That’s assuming you can scrape together about $820 for the Sleadd Taurus Zip Line Kit, which is how much it costs on Amazon here, including shipping and handling. Zipping and handling, however, is all up to you.