Survival Laces From Wasatch Outdoors: Much More Than Shoelaces

by: Joseph On  Thursday, July 2, 2015

Survival Laces

Shoelaces are not really one of the things I find myself thinking about very often.  In fact, the only time I do think about them is when I’m tying them, and sometimes not even then. But someone at Wasatch Outdoors has clearly put a lot of thought into the potential of shoelaces, because now we have Survival Laces.

Survival Laces do a lot more than just lacing up your shoes.  Within their 550 paracord strands are an 8-lb fishing line, four inches of tinder, and one inch of fire steel. When you find yourself in one of those hairy situations, just remove the aglet from the end of the lace and pull out whatever you need.

If your regular shoelaces just aren’t cutting it in the survival department, you can grab some Wasatch Outdoors Survival Laces for $15 at the official Wasatch online store right here. And if they are cutting it, maybe you need to get a more exciting, dangerous lifestyle.