Subway Symphony by James Murphy and Heineken Will Turn NYC Subway Noise Into Music (Video)

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Subway Symphony

Close your eyes and ears for a moment and try to imagine you’re in a New York City subway station. Lot of noise, right? LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy is teaming up with beer brand Heineken to introduce a little melody to NYC’s subways with Subway Symphony, a project aimed at improving the aural experience of subway riders (eventually) in cities throughout the country.

Basically, Subway Symphony replaces the purely functional bleeps and bloops of subway turnstiles with different pieces of music that combine to form a kind of automatic symphony. If the project were to be completed, each station would have its own music, and rush hour would be the best time to experience it.

For some reason Heineken and James Murphy need “your support” to make Subway Symphony a reality, and you can get more information on it at the project’s website right here. You can also see a short introductory video starring Murphy below.