iPhone Photography Awards for 2015 Announced (Photos)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The more people that are doing something, the harder it is to recognize excellence in that thing. That’s why the iPhone Photography Awards, even though such a thing might seem silly at first, are so vital. 2015’s crop of IPPAWARDS have recently hit the internet, and they’re a good cross-section of what’s possible with smartphone photography.

The top slot in the iPhone Photography Awards, which have been going on since 2007, is “Photographer of the Year.” 2015’s IPPAWARD Photographer of the Year is Michal Koralewski of Poland, who got a shot of a street accordion player that looks like it could have been taken in 1915 as well as 2015. Other categories are divided by subject, like Food, Landscape, Architecture, and so on, all of which were represented well by this year’s IPPAWARD winners.

You can take a look at some of the most striking winners of the 2015 iPhone Photography Awards in the gallery below. And for more, as well as to enter your work for next year, check out the official IPPAWARDS site right here.

Here’s the gallery: