Samsung Display Unveils Mirrored and Transparent OLED Screens (Photos)

by: Joseph On  Thursday, June 11, 2015
Tags:  3d   Mirrors   OLED   Samsung   Samsung Display   Screens  

No one really knows for sure what the screens of the future are going to look like, thanks to a couple of different technologies jockeying for position to be the dominant display tech of the next decade. But the people at Samsung Display have put some of their chips behind mirrored or transparent OLED screens – but only for commercial use.

Samsung Display had a whole exhibit recently on their new OLEDs at the Hong Kong Convention Centre, where they touted the screens’ potential for things like interactive advertising and shopping. The screens can use 3D cameras to allow users to see how they’d look wearing certain outfits or pieces of jewelry without having to try them on in real life – provided they learn to trust the screen as one would a mirror.

You can get more information on Samsung Display’s commercial OLEDs by reading the company’s full press release here, or you can just take a look at a couple of photos of the screens in the gallery below.