Meriwether Tents From Shelter Co. Supply (Photos)

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, June 9, 2015

If the only thing holding you back from going on a camping trip this summer is a lack of luxury tenting options, good news:¬†Shelter Co. Supply has you covered with a new line of luxury canvas tents. It’s the Meriwether Tent, with a 16-foot diameter and nine and a half feet tall, with enough space inside to fit up to six full-grown adults comfortably.

The Meriwether Tent is much, much larger than a normal camping tent, but it’s still designed with portability and mobility in mind, and the whole thing weighs just 65 pounds (provided it hasn’t soaked up any heavy water). The bulk of the structure is khaki canvas, but it comes in three different color varieties to go with the khaki outer layer – Khaki, Burnt Orange, and Slate Grey.

You can see a few photos of the Shelter Co. Supply Meriwether Tent (as well as one shot of the smaller kids’ version, the Huckleberry Tent) in the gallery below. To purchase, just go to Shelter Co.’s online store here, where the tent is priced at a cool $1,250.

Here’s the gallery: