Russian Muggers Go After Old Guy, Find Out the Hard Way He’s a Boxer (Video)

by: Joseph On  Monday, June 8, 2015
Tags:  Boxing   Russia   Muggers   Old Men   Viral Videos  

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You’ve probably seen it in a million movies, but probably never in real life – a group of young punks go after some defenseless-seeming old man, only to find out he’s not so defenseless after all, and he proceeds to drop two or three (or two or three dozen) of them before they realize it probably would have been safer to attack an elephant or a killer whale. A few Russian muggers recently got to enact this scenario in real life, when the old guy they targeted turned out to have some boxing experience and knew how to put it to good use. Now, video of the incident is making the rounds online.

The video shows the Russian muggers surrounding the old guy, before he gives them a couple lightning-quick strikes that put them out cold. It doesn’t have the production value of the last Liam Neeson movie, but since it happened for real it’s even more satisfying to watch.

If you’re itching for more information, head over to the Mirror‘s story about the video right here.