Roccbox: Portable Stone Bake Oven Can Cook a Pizza in 90 Seconds

by: Joseph On  Monday, June 8, 2015
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I don’t have much personal experience with portable ovens, but I imagine that they aren’t generally known for their speed and efficiency. But the Roccbox is a portable stone bake oven that can cook food so fast that once you get one you might never want to use your regular oven for anything again.

Roccbox takes about 15 minutes to heat up either by wood or gas, and in that span of time it can reach up to 500 degrees Celsius. Its insulated stone floor can trap an inordinate proportion of this heat, and the result is a 12-inch pizza that can go from raw dough and shredded cheese to an actual piping hot pie in just a minute and a half.

I’ll understand if you don’t believe me, since I’m not sure if I believe it myself, but the official Roccbox site here looks pretty legit, and you can order one now for $533. That price includes a recipe book, pizza peel, and burners for gas and wood – all you have to provide is the pizza.