Blockbuster Box: Pizza Hut Unveils Pizza Box That Projects Movies (Video)

by: Joseph On  Monday, June 8, 2015

Pizza Hut Blockbuster Box

Pizza Hut has been making no bones about their efforts to inject some novelty juice into their flagging brand lately, but it’s up to this point been mostly restricted to weird sauces, crusts, and other pizza ingredients. As for their latest gimmick, it represents an upgrade to the box that the pizza comes in – it’s the Blockbuster Box, a pizza box that can project movies (or any other content) from your smartphone onto the wall.

The Blockbuster Box works by way of a pizza protector that doubles as a lens for the built-in projector. The box comes in four different varieties, each one with an included free download for a corresponding movie: Slice Night (horror), Anchovy Armageddon (scifi), Hot & Ready (romance), and Fully Loaded (action).

You have to order a pizza from a Hong Kong Pizza Hut to take advantage of the Blockbuster Box’s capabilities, but you can watch an introductory video below. Perhaps if it takes off, we’ll see it in other markets soon.

Here’s the video: