Girl Fights Other Girl, Dominates, Gets Compared to Rocky Marciano

by: Joseph On  Saturday, June 6, 2015

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The galaxy of girl fights just added another star to its ranks, with a young woman and her terrifying fighting abilities now lighting up the internet. As if that wasn’t honor enough, she was also likened to famous boxer Rocky Marciano by whoever uploaded the video to YouTube, which probably made the long-departed pugilist smile from the afterlife when he saw it.

Unlike most girl fights, this participant actually seems to know how to fight, at least if her on-point volley of punches and kicks is any indication. But let’s not forget her opponent, who might lack the other fighter’s technical ability, but almost makes up for it in audacity, refusing to back down even after it’s clear to everyone she’s been outmatched.

You can watch the new reigning champ of girl fights for yourself in the video below. And for comparison’s sake I’m also including a Rocky Marciano highlight reel underneath that.