‘An Animated History of the Hamburger’ (Video)

by: Joseph On  Friday, June 5, 2015

An Animated History of the Hamburger

A hamburger is not generally thought of as one of those things that you need to have any historical context to enjoy or appreciate. In fact, I suspect that if you brought a freshly made hamburger to some native tribe out in the middle of the jungle and presented it to the chieftain, he or she would probably scarf it down no questions asked. Nevertheless, it’s always nice to learn a little bit of history, which is why An Animated History of the Hamburger is worth watching anyway.

An Animated History of the Hamburger traces the iconic sandwich back to its historic origins all the way to the boutique sliders of today, and is sure to help you decide what your next meal will be. It’s the product of food historian George Motz and animator Jorge Corona, and was commissioned by New York magazine, so you can be reasonably certain that it’s historically accurate.

You can watch An Animated History of the Hamburger, animated entirely on somehow delicious-looking burger wrappers, for yourself below. And if you’re feeling gluttonous, you can take a look at the short’s accompanying full-length article right here.

Here’s the video: