Norm Architects x Ex.t Minimalist Bathroom Fixtures (Photos)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ex.t is an Italian brand focused on unorthodox pieces for the home, and their latest line of bathroom fixtures strips away all the unnecessary tissue that make up comparable conventional pieces. They were commissioned by the brand and designed by Norm Architects, a design firm based in Copenhagen.

Norm Architects’ approach to bathroom furniture can best be described as “minimalist,” as one look at the collection demonstrates. The pieces include the Stand Bathtub and the Stand Basin, as well as Felt, a wall fixture for easy storage of bathroom staples that also looks great hanging on the wall all by itself.

You can see what I mean by taking a look at Norm Architects x Ex.t’s minimalist bathroom fixtures in the gallery underneath this paragraph. Like what you see? Then check out the official Ex.t online store here to do some shopping, since the entire collection is available now.

Here’s the gallery: