Daft Punk Launch Line of Retro 70s-Style Merchandise (Photos)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hey, remember the 70s?

That’s right, the nostalgia market hasn’t been completely saturated by Nicktoons and grunge, and there actually is room for other decades in the nostalgia sphere – or if not, Daft Punk made room themselves with a new line of 70s-inspired merchandise, which somehow seems like an appropriately Daft Punk thing to do.

The line of merchandise includes a “Strings of Fury” yo-yo, a Frisbee, and a baseball cap, all designed by the Daft Punk duo themselves in vintage 70s fashion. There was also a skate deck included in the collection, but as of this writing it has sold out and is sadly out of stock.

You can take a look at Daft Punk’s new line of 70s inspired merchandise in the gallery below. And to do some shopping, take a look at the duo’s official site here, where the collection is available for sale right now.

Here’s the gallery: