Volkswagen Golf Blows Away Porsche 991 GTS and Nissan 350Z Procharger in Street Race (Video)

by: Joseph On  Saturday, May 30, 2015

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Remember that scene in Star Wars when the Millennium Falcon comes out of nowhere and saves the day? Now imagine if instead of trying to blow up the Death Star it was a street race between a Porsche 991 GTS and a Nissan 350Z Procharger, and instead of the Millennium Falcon it was a souped up … Volkswagen Golf. Then, smile deeply, since the scenario I just described actually happened, if a recently posted video online is to be believed.

Luckily, the driver being filmed seems cool with being blown away by a Volkswagen Golf – definitely one of those situations where something is so unexpected you just have to laugh. Plus, who wouldn’t root for a Golf in such a situation? Everybody loves an underdog.

If that includes you, you can see a brave little Volkswagen Golf that could run circles around two much more superficially impressive vehicles below, and you might want more info on the VW Golf from its official site right here.