Nike Store Trolls Twitter User With “Corks and Oreos”

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, May 26, 2015
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Nike Store Twitter Prank

Usually, the net gain from an extended campaign of Twitter harassment is 0 or below, but one persistent Nike Store Twitter troll ended up getting trolled himself by the retailer.  I’m talking about 23-year-old Charles Henderson, aka @est1991__ on Twitter, who was the target of a hilarious prank by Nike brass.

Basically, Henderson was disgruntled after an unsuccessful attempt to acquire a pair of Air Max 90 “Corks,” and in retaliation he @-replied every Nike Store product announcement with the missive “not Oreos, not Corks” (the two white whales of his sneaker obsession). Eventually, and with no direct action on Henderson’s part, he received a package in the mail from Nike, filled with … Oreos and corks. And he wasn’t even mad:

Of course, with a great prank like that, how could he be? It was masterfully executed by the people at Nike Store, particularly the detail of acquiring Henderson’s mailing address through cross-referencing the email address connected to his Twitter account with the one associated with his Nike profile. Nice work from all involved, although I’d hate to be the person in charge of the Nike Twitter account now, because the copycats are more than likely going to be a handful.

Just to put a nice cap on this story, here’s Nike’s official Twitter response: