Persol Film Noir Edition Eyewear Collection (Photos)

by: Joseph On  Thursday, May 21, 2015

There’s a new line of glasses out from eyewear brand Persol, and it’s all about the detectives, dames, killers, and so on from the black-and-white crime thrillers of the postwar era. Or, put more succinctly, it’s the Persol Film Noir Edition collection, with four different styles of glasses for four different film noir archetypes, plus a brand new edition of the famous Persol Phoenix Arrow.

Those four archetypes, which also give name to the four new styles in the Person Film Noir Edition glasses, are Gangster, Femme Fatale, Detective, and Reporter, and it’s up to you to decide which one suits you best. I think I’m probably a Detective kind of guy, but that’s just me.

You can check out the Persol Film Noir Edition glasses in the gallery below. And to do some browsing of the collection, head over to the Persol online store here, where the glasses are available in a variety of colors – but really, if we’re talking about film noir, why would you choose anything but black?

Here’s the gallery: