‘Breaking Bad GTA V Tribute’: Show Recreated Using ‘GTA V’ Graphics (Video)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Breaking Bad GTA V Tribute

One of the cool things about Grand Theft Auto V is that the player isn’t tied to any specific linear set of tasks and is pretty much free to do whatever he or she wants within it. Most of us abuse this freedom by running amok with guns and cars, but one player known as LioN KoLLA used the game to create what he calls a Breaking Bad GTA V Tribute.

Basically, his Breaking Bad GTA V Tribute recreates key moments in the Breaking Bad mythos entirely within Grand Theft Auto V, with the only addition being some strategic snippets of Breaking Bad audio, and, naturally, “Baby Blue” by Badfinger.

It all works surprisingly well, especially if you’re a Breaking Bad fan. You can check out LioN KoLLA’s Breaking Bad GTA V Tribute below, and for more from this video game wizard check out his YouTube channel right here.

Here’s the video: